New House Build In Kerry

Are you planning a new house build in kerry and are you looking for trusted builders? O’Brien Builders will provide you with the best in personal service, highly trained builders and contractors, and we only use high quality building materials.

In today’s world, it pays to use good energy conservation techniques and materials in your new home. Many of the new homes built today are specifically done so in order to minimize the use and waste of energy or our natural resources. O’Brien Builders is a leader in providing the best service and systems that ensure energy conservation.

It can be quite overwhelming when you first start to think about building your new home, but this is where we excel. We take your desires—your wants and needs—and turn them into a beautiful, perfect finished product.

Building private residences has been the backbone of our company. It is our care and dedication, and ability to facilitate our clients that has resulted in O’Brien Builders being referred to new clients by our existing clients, architects and engineers.

We understand that building a new house is probably the largest investment you will ever make. We provide clear and competitive pricing, with no hidden costs and, where appropriate, recommend savings and changes that may be of benefit to you.

In the current climate of “energy ratings” we can say we have built numerous energy efficient homes.

Each new house build project is different. Be it design, materials chosen or location but it is by allocating a dedicated project manager that we can ensure that the project is completed on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

We can guarantee that our pricing will be among the most competitive you will receive. However, this does not always mean we will be the cheapest. This is because our quote will include everything you will need for the entire project and there will be no hidden extras. Also, although our rates are competitive, we always use top quality materials for the job. We do not make savings by using cheaper and inferior raw materials which could result in longer term problems for the client. The main reason we are able to provide such competitive quotes is quite simply because of the speed at which we can get the job done. All our staff have a strong work ethic and will work continuously until the job is done.

The materials we use
As mentioned above, we only use the best raw materials available for the job and we do not make savings or cut corners by using cheaper or less effective products.