Tips for Insurance work

The first thing you should do is to make sure the tradesman or builder is fully insured.  Also, ask to see their insurance certificate and what warranty and guarantees they offer.  O’Brien Builders are fully insured.   Ask for an estimate of how long the job will take and how much it should cost.  Do not make any rash choices.  Take your time.  O’Brien Builders will understand that they need to provide evidence that shows they can carry out the work to the required standard.  We can show you  other jobs we have done in your area.

Once you have decided who you would like to do the job, the next step is to agree on a written work specification (a document that details exactly what you want to have done).   This document should also cover who is responsible for removing any rubbish and ‘making good’ when the job is finished.

Ensure that the builder has agreed to conform to Building Regulations. Legally, you may be held responsible if they do not as you are the owner of the building.  If anything changes during the job, make sure you amend the written specification too.

Money Talks

One of the most important things you should do is to set out a clear payment schedule drawn up from the outset, so that everyone knows where they stand.  As a general rule, you should only release payments for work completed.  Do not pay anything in advance unless it is for custom-built goods.  You should try to include a ‘retention’ (part of the total cost) that is paid a month, for example, after everything is completed. This would give you time to uncover any small defects after the builders have left and give them an incentive to fix things quickly.